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Theo's main priority is ensuring that you experience ease and comfort when buying or selling.  His vast knowledge and experience in Contract Law, Relationship Building, and Negotiating ensures that you will receive the absolute best price and terms possible, and that the process goes smoothly.

Theo will personalize his approach to your unique situation.  He excels in the ability to read people and identify with them.  He will strive to understand your situation so that he can better accommodate your needs.  You can be assured that Theo will take the time to build a relationship of trust, where your goals, values, and needs will also be his priorities.

Theo will work diligently to look after your professional needs.  He has built his business on transparency, honesty and trust.  This will allow you to feel connected to the process while he guides you through the process with assurance.


The housing market is a multifaceted and dynamic industry.  Theo stays on top of changing market conditions with careful observation on a consistent basis.  Being a very active REALTOR® gives Theo an upfront view of what is changing in the Okanagan Real Estate Market.


Theo is committed to fulfilling and exceeding the expectations that you have of a REALTOR®.  Theo has adopted a diverse and extensive online advertising exposure model for individual listings, as well as paperless business model.  Through the use of paperless technology, Theo greatly increases his efficiency to provide you with timely and important information with professional advice so that you can make the best decisions possible.

The paperless model is eco-friendly and most efficient.  It also results in benefits to you such as faster and cleaner completion of contracts and paperwork, increased organization and electronic filing for both Theo and yourself, and easily accessible data and contracts for quick decision making.

Theo diligently works to keep you satisfied and feeling connected by responding to important questions and concerns in a timely manner and by bringing in offers, showing requests, feedback and other inquiries as soon as they come in.  He realizes this is essential to your satisfaction, and to eliminate the possibility of missing out on any great opportunities.


Theo brings an impressive background to his role as a REALTOR® at 2% Realty Okanagan –  he has an extensive background in sales, sales training, coaching, real estate, customer service, construction and development.  Theo has trained and supervised over 100 Sales Professionals / REALTORS® throughout his career.  He has also received several awards and "Top Producer" recognition throughout his career.  In 2004 Theo also earned a "Top 40 Under 40" award by Business in Vancouver Magazine.  Theo has learned and developed some of the best sales strategies that will result in maximizing your investments and closing great deals for you.  Theo’s success can be credited to an intuative understanding of what needs to be said and done to complete deals and in many cases, generate multiple offer situations for his clients’ benefit.  He is passionate about his work and is driven by his success and the prospect of improving and growing his business and relationships.

In his personal time, Theo enjoys a variety of activities such as hiking, road trips, travel, camping, reading, canoeing, boating, swimming, the arts, live music, and spending time with his dog and his family. 

Please feel free to contact Theo at anytime by phone, text or e-mail him with any questions you have about buying or selling a property.  Theo looks forward to speaking with you. 

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