At 2% Realty we are a little different - but in a good way. We believe in value-added service and helping you keep more of your investment.

We offer 100% Realty Services for ONLY 2% commission.

With 2% Realty, you don't get less, you just pay less.

Take advantage of an industry-leading real estate experience...

Theo Kefalas is a Real Estate Professional that is greatly interested in delivering outstanding results for you. With a focus on relationships, research, sound advice, strategic marketing, and integrity he has the desire to help you to fulfil your Real Estate goals.

Theo is one of the most qualified and reputable Real Estate Agents in B.C. He has been an Entrepreneur and involved in the Real Estate & Construction industries since 1995. Theo has been Contractor / Licensed Builder for over thirteen hundred homes, and over a quarter million square feet of commercial / institutional buildings. As a Business Owner Theo has hired, trained, and supervised over one hundred Sales Professionals / Realtors. As a Real Estate Agent Theo has represented hundreds of clients to sell or acquire all types of Real Estate including Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Business, and Industrial. Theo also acts as a Real Estate Development / Property Consultant for several Builders, Land Developers, Lenders, and small to medium sized Business Owners.

With Theo, you’ll find that you are in good company. He will take the time listen to you, to understand your goals, and he will execute a plan that is in your best interest. When you’re looking to buy, whether it’s a Downtown condo, a development site, or a beautiful lakefront estate Theo will focus on helping you acquire a great investment. When you’re looking to sell, Theo will work diligently 24/7 to market and sell your property.

What does Theo Kefalas at 2 Percent Realty offer you?

Theo Kefalas provides you with a premium service and also saves you 1000's of dollars on each and every property sale.
Have a look below at the unique commission savings chart and realize how much you can actually save...

Theo Kefalas at 2% Realty Offers 100% REALTOR® Service

20 Plus Years of Real Estate, Construction, & Sales Experience

Extensive Contract Law Experience

Full MLS® System Exposure

Comprehensive Marketing

Realtor® Representation

Expert Negotiation



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